Wholesale ECN Products

VEDA has become the leader in wholesale Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN) Products and has built their reputation on quality.  Please feel free to request our 3rd party lab tests from Pixis Labs.

Distributors and retailers trust VEDA ECN products because of our high-quality full-spectrum seed to sale products.  If you are a business and are looking to offer quality ECN products to your customers, please feel free to fill out the contact form or call in today.

Who Can Buy Wholesale ECN from VEDA:

Any business that has an EIN number can purchase Wholesale ECN Oil from VEDA.  Fill out a form or call us and let us help you find the specific needs for your store and customers.

wholesale ECN Products

Why Buy Wholesale ECN from VEDA:

Partner with VEDA and get access to our CBD Isolate Sport products.  VEDA distributes our wholesale products throughout the country.  We constantly batch test our products and have perfected our manufacturing practices to the highest of standards.

Our team is focused on partnering with our re-sellers and guide them in the products that sell best in their region and with their demographic.

  • VEDA Sport
  • VEDA Paws
  • VEDA Infuse
  • VEDA Littles

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