body in BALANCE

body in balance

STAYING HEALTHY IS A BALANCING ACT. Every day, we make healthy choices to balance out the stress life puts on our bodies, whether that’s taking calcium to support our skeletal systems as we age or adding probiotics to our diets to improve our digestive systems. But, what if we are ignoring the system which may…

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From Professional Athlete to Industry Advocate: How Marvin Degon Found CBD

Found CDB Marvin Degon wants to help other athletes.

If you’re like Marvin Degon, you didn’t just realize you needed CBD; you wished you had found CBD sooner. “If you knew me growing up, you never would have guessed I’d land in the cannabis industry,”Degon says. “I was shy, quiet, and always followed the rules. I was driven, and there was one goal I was…

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The Best Therapeutic Products to Help You Keep Your 2019 Wellness Resolutions

Making wellness a habit means investing in your overall health. Here’s a list of outstanding products that will help you transcend in 2019. Keeping your New Year’s resolution becomes difficult when the stressors of life become overwhelming. When this happens we tend to let the (seemingly) less important things fizzle out—and for many of us…

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